"Whenever I hear the "Women are paid $.78 for the man’s $1" I flip it around.

Men make $1.22 for every woman’s $1.

It interests me that even the most common simple measure of gender inequality is firmly based on male-as-normative …"


bisexual activist and queer theory blogger Patrick RichardsFink 

this is an interesting point, although mathematically inaccurate: assuming the women:men, 0.78:1 ratio is correct, men make $1.28 for every woman’s $1

A white man makes $1.34 for every dollar that a black man makes

A white man makes $1.52 for every dollar that a latino man makes

A white man makes $1.24 for every dollar that a white woman makes

A white man makes $1.44 for every dollar that a black woman makes

A white man makes $1.67 for every dollar that a latina woman makes

That’s some bullshit right there.

Let’s take it a step further. For every hour a white man works, a black woman has to work 86 minutes to earn as much money. 57.6 hours a week compared to the white man’s 40.

Take it another step further. Assuming a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job, from Thursday 12:45pm through Friday end of business, a white man gets paid for his work, a black woman is, by comparison, working for free.

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This. I am tired of seing this numbers without thinking about woc. (via arobynsong)

and now, imagine the number for a Black Latina. i struggle w/even attempting to make that math work out b/c i think i’m trying to protect myself from what kind of harm that may bring to me at this moment, as an unemployed LatiNegra in the US.

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Inclusive children go far.


Now that is how you raise a kid.. A+ for you lil buddy 

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"diet nigga"
help me jesus


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Tré Melvin reading rainbows and getting you hoes hooked on phonics.



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From presidential daughter to straight up gangster in 0.2 seconds

Like father, like daughter:


She wants you to never forget she’s from the Chi and she is trill.. 

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Inspiration | Women In Menswear | Wear It Weird


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I keep hearing that you aren’t really grown until you are 30. Or that your “Jesus Year” (33) is the year that your life changes. 

I don’t know if either of these things are true…although it would be nice to know that all of the craziness of my 20′s and all the bad and impulsive decisions I’ve made in my 20′s can all be blamed on not yet being a grown up. 

Let’s go with that. Yeah, nothing was my…

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« The Real Africa : Fight The Stereotype » by Thiri Mariah Boucher



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In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was “not painful enough to justify the trouble.”

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for all y’all studying for the AP in may

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"Five, that’s sexist and insulting. You’d never suggest Scooter Libby was screwing Dick Cheney. Four, the lengths you’re going to try to twist this into a conspiracy are cause for concern. You should speak to someone about that. Three, the President is awake and talking and the suggestion that he isn’t is partisan political crap that I thought you had enough integrity to rise above. Two, in the past three minutes, you have called me a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar, so this is pretty much the last time we’ll be speaking, so one, who I am or am not screwing, what I am or am not doing, is no longer any of your damn business."

When you get read in a buzzfeed list…listen…

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